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Passing by a pigeon corpse
Puts a smile on my face
It's the beauty in the struggle
We can't all win the race

And I know we all can't make it
Maybe it's better that way
Cuz over population baby
Is standing in our way

If there's a god in heaven
I hope he chokes on his spit
That fills up his mouth
Like a lake we drink from it

My lips are cracked
They taste like resin
And yours are so sweet
Soft and beautiful
Like the corpses rotting in the street

Chewed a hole through my lip
Rolling on ecstasy
I really should lay off it
But it's got a hold of me

Serotonin's gone
From the night before
Now again I'm lonely
Watching you walk out the fucking door

Suicide Tuesday
And I wanna die
Cuz it's survival of the fittest
And the fittest it isn't I

So go on without me
You'll be better off that way
You deserve to be with someone
Who doesn't drink everyday


from This Machine Killed Woody Guthrie, released December 21, 2012


all rights reserved