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by Dandelion Massacre

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It's been so long Since we've been gone Our flower has withered away So we sing these lonely songs While they spread their seed From sea to oily sea Hoping love will come someday We sing out our misery
I went knocking on your door So very late last night Just by chance I had one thought My oh my you look so nice Though it must have been a touch to soft No, I did not get a rise So don't you know I tried again While my belly is full of wine Think I made a ripple in the air Yes I swear I saw a stir Saw a yes in those twinkling eye But your head just wasn't sure It's okay girl I do know So I'll pack my things and hit the road When I look deep into yer eyes I get lost in a universe Where nothing real abides Except hearts fluttering, desire burns So take a seat here Under this tree It's many leaves will keep us shaded
The world keep on turning And I do what I have to to get by Sometimes I deliver pizza Sometimes I take drugs But my friends and family I love And my girlfriend says I'm a loser That dreams won't add to much If I don't quit snortin' that shit right up my nose That she will quit loving me And you look right into my eyes And I stare right back into yours Just because mine are glazed over Doesn't mean I can't see pain and misery And we'll make it through all this bullshit Cuz people suffer and they get by We'll make it through the world if we stay strong Cuz with you I belong Cuz I've got those coke nose blues And we elect a black man to office But we still got prejudice inside Give farm animals more rights on election day And we take some peoples away And the war goes on another day It's in my head It's human nature to behave like an animal But use reasoning and self control And people we're on a leash Walked and beat down by police Believe everything that I hear and see And kept in fear of the Middle East And I care so much and not at all About every little thing That goes on in the world like pain and suffering Hatred and dying Cuz I've got those coke nose blues Time slips slowly through the hourglass And we both crawl closer to the end Of life as we know it, but what is next Is anyone's guess You tell me yer sure there's an afterlife That awaits us all If we're good we go to Heaven, but we're not So I guess we're going to Hell I guess that all is possible But so is everything else Like reincarnation or we rot in the ground Safe and sound And I stay up another night With these thoughts goin in my head My nose feels like it's gonna fuckin bleed And I can't even feel my teeth Cuz I've got those coke nose blues I snorted too much ecstasy Now my nose feels like it's gonna
He's so cool she says He's so free He's got this and that and more you see His hearts so pure And soft and royal I bet God gets off to the stench of his patchouli oil Now go on little girl take a long hard closer look The one yer tellin me about seems hip by book Go on and live by the line We'll die by the theme We may not have many worthless possessions But at least we chase dreams Peace and love she says Live in harmony We'll be flying that freak flag we aint PC Her head got lost in their fashion So the movement paid the cost Yes, life is love I know But it's a game And it looks like I have lost So go on little girl take a cue from a head that has shook His pose looks quite uncomfortable it's so hip by the book Go on and live by the line of the old guard hippie But I wish could lend you my eyes so you could once see Wish I could lend you my mind so you could once think Wish I could lend you my flesh so you could once be And maybe lend you one dollar for those possessions you seek
I'm nothing to you It's because I'm nothing It's true I'm a natural born loser So I burn one After I pour one Before I snort one God's will has been done
Blinded by drugs and alcohol consumption All of those good times didn't mean much of nothin Now I'm alone drunk and upset Crying myself to sleep in my bed And I hope yer happy with whoever you are with I hope he treats you better than I did Cause I never meant to push you away But now it's too little and too fucking late I wold do anything to get you back But when you think of me you just probably laugh I cannot help it if my chest it tightens up When I'm around you cause I can't get enough Owls aren't what they seem When I see you out at the show I want to hold you and never let go But it only lasts for seconds at a time And it hurts me so bad cause I know it's the last time And I know nothing lasts forever But I'll still remember the times we had together And I'll have another drink and a smoke A Fentanyl patch, thizz, and coke To all the good times and the bad That we shared together in the eight years we had And I still love you I probably always will But I know it didn't work out and it never fucking will Cause owls aren't what they seem
I don't know what to be When you got those eyes on me AKG I don't know what to be Eye to eye against yer wall My oh my I want yer all But I don't know what to be What am I to do? I don't know what to be When you rest those pretty eyes on me OMG I don't know what to be Toe to toe, thigh to thigh Ever imagine both you and I? Sometimes it's all I see What am I to do? I close my eyes and I see you What am I to do With this love I have for you? Save it for a rainy day? Or whisk you away?
Hey there Mr. Landlord Good morning how do you do? Here's my hard earned money And the sweat off my back to I haven't showered in a week Sub-prime mortgages Have helped you live a bit more rich But in its current crisis I bet you feel as though yer in a ditch There predatory(al) tactics had you blinded at first sight The rug was pulled out from under you in a night There's ($)90 million reasons Why Frank Raines hung you out to dry Business ethics are an oxymoron At the drop of a dime He scurried off under investigation Of accounting irregularities So take it up with him Mr. Landlord And Daniel Mudd please Walk away Walk away Rory Let the banks and the CEO's take the loss That they let fall on you an me Let me squat for free Go back and get yer money From that there wall on the street
Society Rag 03:38
Cops are dying people they are lying And I'm choking on the food I'm frying I'm takin my pills I'm payin my bills I'm oblivious to all the people that they kill Cuz I'm watchin my TV believe what I'm seeing Swallowing the bullshit they are feeding But fear of God and the cops Makes me believe everything that I'm taught Youtube links and energy drinks Keep my mind from ever having to think I'm pluckin and waxin my beauty's everylastin I'm up on the trend and all the fashions I'm sculpted and toned talkin on my iPhone Afraid of each other locked up in our homes With pop culture references sexual preferences I hate my neighbor over... Texting and twitter always on the god damned computer Technology's an addiction and no one likes a quitter I'm stuck on a hook with myspace and facebook How many pictures of myself do I have to look? My eyes are strained always entertained I never have to use my brain Im getting old and getting cold And doing everything that I'm told But if I keep going then I'm golden Wife and kids and a perfect home And a job I hate a mortgage I can't pay So I drink to dull the pain I am my own enemy with chemical dependency Seldom and rarely comes sobriety But if we are we and I am me Then this is my rag on society
DMT 03:20
Can't you smell the rotting perception? All our minds are sick with decay Though they know it to be the answer Love has gone and slipped away Can't you smell the stench of their breeding? To ease the pain that builds from day to day Yet love peeks out in that front they call a smile While this dandelion slowly wilts away It's a dandelion massacre Like no other ever seen It's a dandelion massacre We'll see you in yer dreams Don't get to attached boy Cuz we're no in love We do what we have to And folk you for your drugs Satan is my savior To him I owe it all Love of playing music Drugs and alcohol It's a dandelion massacre Brought on by yer disease Mother said there'd be a massacre So start hugging trees And if you have something to ask of her Mind yer Q's and P's Or you'll fall victim to the massacre Starting with the police Can't you smell the spring seed spreading? Bringing forth new pain and misery New minds to rot, corrupt, and conquer The love yer soul wants to set free
Baby, come with me Down the street Let's smoke some speed At my neighbors house We'll tweak out On home made speed Baby, grind yer teeth To the beat Let's be in love At my neighbors house On home made speed I'm talkin bout amphetamine Baby, can't you see They're in the trees It's the police And they're after me I'm freakin out At my neighbors house On home made speed Oh, my girl, Crystal Anne Phetamine And the police are in the trees The CIA is after me I can't even begin to fall asleep Cuz I smoked too much I might OD But as long as yer layin next to me And we have more speed
Love Tell me What is that? What is this thing you speak of? Is there a path or a route that you can point me Or perhaps draw me a map? She's staring But has no sight Does she still get a picture in her head? IS there a string of words to put together That would give her an answer why? He's drowning In the back of class Remedy for Pain 101 Is there a lesson or assignment to give him That would show him all things must pass? Lying with her He's warm and quiet But off traveling in his head Is there a person or idea to hold on to That would make him content at that time? Can you really trust your mind? Does not now seem to very possible Will we ever find what it is that we are looking for? Just married That's the word I hope they live happily ever after Or at least until that day a councilor tell them That no knot can keep love secure So more ink More liquor Don't feeling bad feel good? Is there a heart or some dirt that she can shovel That would fill the hole he dug for her? Ever changing He'll change forever Will he ever know? Is there a city or scene to belong to That has that perfect weather? Can you really trust your mind? Does not now seem to very possible Will we ever find what it is that we are looking for? Have you heard what it is we should be looking for? Don't anyone know what the fuck it is we are looking for? Huh?
I met a man who looked just like you He had a funny face too He looked just like you He looked just like me He looked like everybody that I've ever seen Well in my dreams and when I'm awake I never even start to fake The things I do The things I see Because I live for eternity And even after I die I always question why Why we do the things we do And what we do them for If love doesn't last forever Then what's the point in getting married? What's the point in having kids at all? Reproduction should just stop Mankind should die off And we could hold each others hands and fall Into the cold and meaningless Of the lonely and depressed Life inside of a shopping mall Buying things will make happy Or at least temporarily Consuming consumes us all I met a man who had no brain So me and him we thought the same About our life About our death About every single breath About the beginning About the end About all the time we spend And we waste and can't remember Through the cold and long December And even in the summer I drink I smoke myself dumber I snort I swallow So come on follow me
I'm feeling bad and so damn lonely No one wants to be by my side But who's to blame when everyone has changed But me, oh my As the light dances before me I find the spectrum a bit confusing Before you punch me in the eye May I let our a little sigh? Maybe then I'll begin to dream The sorrow runs like water Coming down the mountain Streaming towards the sea The two of us sitting in the cove Burning away our teen angst dreams Suburban life never had me blinded Though, it did make a few attempts to bag it Nothing's what it seems in that vast sea of housing And everyone just keeps smiling So my frown is what you'll see My friends are drifting My family's dying My attention's slipping With many pages left to turn Still I read on, though, the story is dragging So I take another shot And deal with the burn Oh dead God how life's been changing And no matter how hard I try I can't seem to stop it Feels like my whole life is falling apart As if it were ever bound I'm feeling numb, but please don't poke me Though, you could sit right here by my side Where there's no chains to bind you Just a hand to hold But don't you slip It's live free or die Still as the light dances before me My eyes are blinded My ears are burning Before you get that look in yer eye May I let out one more sigh And listen to the sound?


released January 28, 2011

Tearle Sanford - Guitar, Wurlitzer, Hammond Organ, Vocals
Travis Linthicum - Mandolin, Vocals
Kevin Lane - Bass, Vocals
Joel Blasquez - Drums on "Misanthrope Boogie"
Tony Mandolintana - Mandolin on "Coke Nose Blues" & "Society Rag"
Jason Yonan - Drums on "Landlord" & Screams on "DMT"

All songs by Dandelion Massacre 2011. All lyrics by Linthicum/Sanford 2011.

Recorded by Jason Yonan @ Studionan in Turlock, CA.

Cover design by William Arvin (info@williamarvin.com)
Album layout by Tearle Sanford


all rights reserved