This Machine Killed Woody Guthrie

by Dandelion Massacre

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released December 21, 2012

Dandelion Massacre 2012:
Travis Linthicum - Mandolin and Vocals
Kevin Lane - Bass, Vocals, and Washboard
Tearle Sanford - Guitars, Vocals, Organ, Piano, and Synthstuff
Jill Berry - Vocals
Mark Oesau - Trumpet
Joel Blasquez - Minimalist Drum Set
Jason Yonan - Rock N' Roll Drum Set, Washboard, Accordion, and Tambourine

All songs written by Dandelion Massacre 2012.
All lyrics by Linthicum/Sanford.

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Studionan in Turlock, CA. by Jason Yonan.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Back And To The Left
As tone deaf Mozart pounded the Keys
Helen Keller heard what she never could see
A younger less mature Lee Harvey
Shoot out his eye with a magic BB

So Oswald turned to Keller and said
Can't you see L. Ron's not dead
He walks on the water and I on my head
And Mozart's song just put me to bed

He began to yawn as he jot down a note
Helen Keller slipped on Mozart coat
A request? Mozart laughed and boast
I can play this song with my fucking eyes closed

Turned his stool backwards
Put his arms behind his head
And he played this song
Their request

And I think it sounded a little something like this
But not quite exactly this . . .
Track Name: Someone Ate My Pie
Spare me all the pity
These walls and boarders don't sit well with me
How could one say this is mine and this is yours
When mother said we came from her and nothing more

That ain't yours
This mandolin isn't mine
It'll be someone else's at the end of my life
It came from the earth and was molded by will
And will return like clockwork once losing it's skill

Everyone looks like they want to cry
Is it because someone ate your piece of the pie?
Man, I don't mind
It probably tasted like shit anyway
I'll just make my own I got some flour and apples and eggs

Objective possessions like rhythm and rhyme
Calm your soul and ease your mind
So buy buy buy
Though, they've outsourced your jobs
That pay the cops to beat your head in
For requesting probably cause
Those elites keep us fighting with their finger pointing games
And Obama shakes his in a fit of shame
Shamed because he knows what lie in his pockets
The change of BP's $6 billion first quarter profits

Everyone looks like they want to die
Is it because there's no more tears left to cry?
Man, I don't mind
I never much liked crying anyways
So I'll just die for now and figure the rest out later

You tell me of yer new belonging
As if they mean a single thing to me
I guess you found happiness at the store
Tell me was it three easy payments of $50 or more?
Mother lies bleeding with no doctors in sight
Only back door deals in the dark of the night
Only career decisions to waive inspections
And I pay the price and never see the connection

Everyone looks like they want to sigh
Is it because there's no life left to die?
Man, I don't mind
I never much liked dying anyway
So I'll just sigh for now
Though, it won't get me anyplace
Track Name: 1986 Los Angeles Richard Ramirez Blues
Mabel Bell I raped your sister Nettie
Gonna smash your head and take all your jewelry
Can't put up much a fight cuz you're elderly
Help myself to a banana before I leave

I am beyond good and evil
I will be avenged
Lucifer dwells inside us all
No big deal, death came with the territory
I'll see you in Disneyland
Track Name: Longley Reid's 665th Munipsycho Nightmare
Right on time with my mind in a box
I said look in here sir do you know what I lost?
And he said tell me son, are you on dope?
I said wrong answer sir, close, but no cigaro

I kept on shuffling on down the street
Stepped in a puddle, but I had Noah's feet
And a woman trembled
How can this be? The sky is laughing shades of baby blue
And that's when I looked over my shoulder
And I saw you
Howdy do?

How are you I ask and say it's been awhile
Good. Really busy she said with a smile
Just then I saw some old friend of mine
She asked what I was looking at
And I said I saw something out the corner of my eye

She asked where I was walking
And I said I donno / she said
Well you can't just be walkin nowhere don't ya got some place to go?
And I just smiled and shrugged and gave her that vacant look
And she laughed saying if you ever get there hit me up on Facebook

With something new

Stopped by to find her eating hot cereal
Well I'd like to give her my heart, but it twists my stomach to hurl
And the thorn in my foot
And her naughty lonesome cackle
And if I don't think twice
I bet I know what she's gettin' after

I blink my eyes and everybody was sleeping
I blink my eyes and everybody was weeping
With a smile on their face and a glazed over vacant eye
And the dogs are barking
But the thieves they're gettin' by

Hear what they said?

Tripped over my thoughts and slipped on the air
Stumbled over to your side of the county fair
But your words, they were rigged
And I did not stand one chance
Oh, but I know when to quit
And I won't be hesitant

Leaves are falling yeah the season keeps turning
I cool my mind, but thoughts of her keep burning
A hole in my heart fueled by an idiot wind
It's blowing like a hurricane
But the answers long gone my friend

It's all in yer head

Right on time with no mind in my box
And a man asked me if there is something I lost
And I said uh...hmm...well...well...yeah I...I guess
And he said I can see it in your eyes
Your soul's a mess

What the fuck do you know I asked with a grin
And he said well I know that yer lost and that I'm the angel of sin
And I said I ain't lost, my head's pointed the same direction as my feet
But the road it has many forks he said
Just ask Frankie Lee

But you know your will is free

I blink my eyes and everybody was peeping
I blink my eyes and thought I saw Bobby creeping
With a bottle of bread and an apple in his cheek
And I though well it can't be him can it?
Oh my mercy me

Is that really you Robert Zimmerman?
And he said nah, he's been gone for over fifty years now my friend
And I said well uh yeah I guess that was a dumb question
I'll give you that
And he said know what is happening man
And take it without hesitation

And look out for Judas Priest
Track Name: Suicide Tuesday
Passing by a pigeon corpse
Puts a smile on my face
It's the beauty in the struggle
We can't all win the race

And I know we all can't make it
Maybe it's better that way
Cuz over population baby
Is standing in our way

If there's a god in heaven
I hope he chokes on his spit
That fills up his mouth
Like a lake we drink from it

My lips are cracked
They taste like resin
And yours are so sweet
Soft and beautiful
Like the corpses rotting in the street

Chewed a hole through my lip
Rolling on ecstasy
I really should lay off it
But it's got a hold of me

Serotonin's gone
From the night before
Now again I'm lonely
Watching you walk out the fucking door

Suicide Tuesday
And I wanna die
Cuz it's survival of the fittest
And the fittest it isn't I

So go on without me
You'll be better off that way
You deserve to be with someone
Who doesn't drink everyday
Track Name: So She Can Get Away
Megan gave her first born son for adoption
Supports her father an unemployed alcoholic
Mother died when she was only thirteen
The pizzeria forty hour work week
Night school at the University of Phoenix
Boyfriend say girl you don't mean shit

So she puts that lighter to the glass
Twists the pipe forth and back
So she can escape
So she can get away
Her eyes are bulging out
And her heart is racing now
It's really up there

Daniel now her names Denise
Pre-op tranny begging on the streets
She ran away from an abusive home
Never felt so good all alone
She found beauty in the freedom
Of cigarette buts and smokin rust amphetamines

So she wads up the pile of clothes
Lays her head down in the cold
Where she can escape
Where she can get away
Turning tricks behind the dumpster
But don't you dare try to judge her
She's fucking beautiful
Inside and out

Nicole needle hanging from her arm
Reaches over and touches her snooze alarm
Saying please God forgive me for what I've done
The game I play that can never be won
And I need her like she needs that needle
Wounds that deep will never fucking heal

So we down that fifth of mist
Try to get that taste off each others lips
So we can escape
So we can get away
From ourselves and each other
We can run, but never hide from one another
Track Name: Don't Wanna Know
I cry cry cry
As I watch the Middle East
And see Bashar Al Asad murder people in the streets
I cry cry cry
Cuz they talk boots on the ground
Like freedom soaring through the air will bring peace all around
I cry cry cry
Cuz of Western apathy
All caught up in the freedom streaming from yer iPad screen
I cry cry cry
Cuz the world has been bought
And cuz there's no such thing as the freedom I once sought

But we let it go
We don't wanna know

I die die die
Cuz my tie looks like a rope
The pedestal had a broken leg so slipped and then I choked
I die die die
Cuz I question the police
And their bullet pierced through my back when I ran like a thief
I die die die
Like a savior on the cross
Transcending all beliefs cuz the children are still lost
I die die die
And feel sick when I believe
And paranoia comes on strong and love is nowhere to be seen

But we let it go
We don't wanna know

I try try try
To question all the vacant stares
And end up asking to myself why do I fucking care
I try try try
At a time when no one does
Cuz I can live with Mom and Dad and fill my head with drugs
I try try try
And yet to no avail
Have I had a chance to sell my soul if it were for sale
I try try try
Cuz what else is there to do?
Life can get boring you know it to be true

But we let it go
We don't wanna know
Track Name: I Think My Dentist Is Into S&M
As I sit back in her chair she consoles me
With soft words and I say babe, be easy

I see what's in yer hand and it looks painful
I can only do what I do I guess that's why I have a mouthful of blood

Scrape my flesh and chip my bone you hurt me
It's a bit sensitive there babe, be easy

Why I'm here just give it to me straight
While I gaze into those pretty eyes and blood spatters on yer face

Babe, polish me up

Now I just wanna say I'm sorry for putting you through this
There's so much blood
And I know it's something I gotta work on
But you know how that goes
And I know you didn't want to hurt me
Yer just doin this cuz you care
You do care right?
Or was it all for the money?
Am I bleeding for your pay?
Or am I bleeding cuz I don't care that I decay?
There's no one I'd want to make me bleed but you babe
Now set me on my way
Track Name: In The Morning Light
From all the pain and wrong
And no answers in the booth
I got these simple songs
Just like Willie
Three chords and the truth
They sell you happiness
And you buy it up so gracefully
I fight it off my best
But, maybe they're right
Debt is a luxury

I see the morning light
I've been up all night
Searching for a feeling
In this whiskey drinking

I'm sorry if this sounds
Like a million songs you've heard before
I steal like a frown
All that you think has been thought once or more
Probably by someone
Who had no means to show it to the world
Probably a woman
But he's held her down since she was a girl

I see the morning light
I've been up all night
Searching for a feeling
But I'm just chasing dreams

I feel like the moon is rising
But I see that bright sun shinning
I feel like the moon is rising
And I see that bright sun dying
Track Name: Endless Pieces Of Foil
Drunk again and sticking to the bed in my room
Wishing I could do the things that I set out to
Cracks in my mandolin I hope it don't fall apart
Cracks in my soul lead to cracks in your heart
Drugs are here they've always been, but we're used to that now
So we're gonna need some more and figure out how
Debt will sore our credit score will be completely destroyed
I'll steal or pay in cash until I'm unemployed

So darlin' I'll write another song about choosing to lose
Maybe someday it will pay the bills or put some food on our plate
But I doubt it

I remember how you looked at me
The night you swallowed all those pill and wanted to OD
I don't think I've ever loved you more than anyone else
Regardless of where we've been draggin through hell

So darlin' I'll be the black on yer endless pieces of foil
I'll be melted spot on the end of your pen
The memories you'll never get back again

Day to day in a daze is how I spend my time
I don't care about the future as long as I get by
You may say that's not okay that's not the way it should be
I don't care what you say or what you think
Cuz success can only be defined by yourself and no one else
So peel yourself off the bed and go succeed in yourself