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Longley Reid's 665th Munipsycho Nightmare

from This Machine Killed Woody Guthrie by Dandelion Massacre



Right on time with my mind in a box
I said look in here sir do you know what I lost?
And he said tell me son, are you on dope?
I said wrong answer sir, close, but no cigaro

I kept on shuffling on down the street
Stepped in a puddle, but I had Noah's feet
And a woman trembled
How can this be? The sky is laughing shades of baby blue
And that's when I looked over my shoulder
And I saw you
Howdy do?

How are you I ask and say it's been awhile
Good. Really busy she said with a smile
Just then I saw some old friend of mine
She asked what I was looking at
And I said I saw something out the corner of my eye

She asked where I was walking
And I said I donno / she said
Well you can't just be walkin nowhere don't ya got some place to go?
And I just smiled and shrugged and gave her that vacant look
And she laughed saying if you ever get there hit me up on Facebook

With something new

Stopped by to find her eating hot cereal
Well I'd like to give her my heart, but it twists my stomach to hurl
And the thorn in my foot
And her naughty lonesome cackle
And if I don't think twice
I bet I know what she's gettin' after

I blink my eyes and everybody was sleeping
I blink my eyes and everybody was weeping
With a smile on their face and a glazed over vacant eye
And the dogs are barking
But the thieves they're gettin' by

Hear what they said?

Tripped over my thoughts and slipped on the air
Stumbled over to your side of the county fair
But your words, they were rigged
And I did not stand one chance
Oh, but I know when to quit
And I won't be hesitant

Leaves are falling yeah the season keeps turning
I cool my mind, but thoughts of her keep burning
A hole in my heart fueled by an idiot wind
It's blowing like a hurricane
But the answers long gone my friend

It's all in yer head

Right on time with no mind in my box
And a man asked me if there is something I lost
And I said uh...hmm...well...well...yeah I...I guess
And he said I can see it in your eyes
Your soul's a mess

What the fuck do you know I asked with a grin
And he said well I know that yer lost and that I'm the angel of sin
And I said I ain't lost, my head's pointed the same direction as my feet
But the road it has many forks he said
Just ask Frankie Lee

But you know your will is free

I blink my eyes and everybody was peeping
I blink my eyes and thought I saw Bobby creeping
With a bottle of bread and an apple in his cheek
And I though well it can't be him can it?
Oh my mercy me

Is that really you Robert Zimmerman?
And he said nah, he's been gone for over fifty years now my friend
And I said well uh yeah I guess that was a dumb question
I'll give you that
And he said know what is happening man
And take it without hesitation

And look out for Judas Priest


from This Machine Killed Woody Guthrie, released December 21, 2012


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