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Spare me all the pity
These walls and boarders don't sit well with me
How could one say this is mine and this is yours
When mother said we came from her and nothing more

That ain't yours
This mandolin isn't mine
It'll be someone else's at the end of my life
It came from the earth and was molded by will
And will return like clockwork once losing it's skill

Everyone looks like they want to cry
Is it because someone ate your piece of the pie?
Man, I don't mind
It probably tasted like shit anyway
I'll just make my own I got some flour and apples and eggs

Objective possessions like rhythm and rhyme
Calm your soul and ease your mind
So buy buy buy
Though, they've outsourced your jobs
That pay the cops to beat your head in
For requesting probably cause
Those elites keep us fighting with their finger pointing games
And Obama shakes his in a fit of shame
Shamed because he knows what lie in his pockets
The change of BP's $6 billion first quarter profits

Everyone looks like they want to die
Is it because there's no more tears left to cry?
Man, I don't mind
I never much liked crying anyways
So I'll just die for now and figure the rest out later

You tell me of yer new belonging
As if they mean a single thing to me
I guess you found happiness at the store
Tell me was it three easy payments of $50 or more?
Mother lies bleeding with no doctors in sight
Only back door deals in the dark of the night
Only career decisions to waive inspections
And I pay the price and never see the connection

Everyone looks like they want to sigh
Is it because there's no life left to die?
Man, I don't mind
I never much liked dying anyway
So I'll just sigh for now
Though, it won't get me anyplace


from This Machine Killed Woody Guthrie, released December 21, 2012


all rights reserved