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Megan gave her first born son for adoption
Supports her father an unemployed alcoholic
Mother died when she was only thirteen
The pizzeria forty hour work week
Night school at the University of Phoenix
Boyfriend say girl you don't mean shit

So she puts that lighter to the glass
Twists the pipe forth and back
So she can escape
So she can get away
Her eyes are bulging out
And her heart is racing now
It's really up there

Daniel now her names Denise
Pre-op tranny begging on the streets
She ran away from an abusive home
Never felt so good all alone
She found beauty in the freedom
Of cigarette buts and smokin rust amphetamines

So she wads up the pile of clothes
Lays her head down in the cold
Where she can escape
Where she can get away
Turning tricks behind the dumpster
But don't you dare try to judge her
She's fucking beautiful
Inside and out

Nicole needle hanging from her arm
Reaches over and touches her snooze alarm
Saying please God forgive me for what I've done
The game I play that can never be won
And I need her like she needs that needle
Wounds that deep will never fucking heal

So we down that fifth of mist
Try to get that taste off each others lips
So we can escape
So we can get away
From ourselves and each other
We can run, but never hide from one another


from This Machine Killed Woody Guthrie, released December 21, 2012


all rights reserved