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My whole life is full of regret
Not in the time or money I spent
Not in the time I wasted doing drugs
Just in the fact that I hurt the ones I love

Wish I could change who I used to be for you
I would drown him in my neighbors pool

If Jesus loves you then I guess he loves me too
So I'm on my knees and I'm askin' for some truth
He just looks me dead in the eye
And offers me no reply

Cuz he knows everything he says is just a lie
I'll carry this burden for the rest of my life

My whole life is full of regret
I wish I treated you with respect
Inconsiderate, unthoughtful, and mean
I never wanna see that part of me

She constantly reminds me of that person I hate
My new found kindness seems to little to late

To the one's I've wronged I can't forget
To my family I emotionally neglect
My love I broke your heart
And forced you to tear mine apart

I will forever carry this debt
The crippling weight of my regret



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