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Apple's got an app
To never think again
My finger tips are sore
And bloody at the ends
I've been floating through
The tides of time
The waves carry me out to sea
And bend my mind

But it's a beautiful life
I try and keep my arms wide open
For your love my friend
On you I do depend
While time fools my mind
Until I die

I see her from time to time
But time and again
My neurotic state says it's flight on sight
And hers time to pretend
So I keep my eyes apart
And nose up in the breeze
But the joke's on me
She's got my heart
And the answers in it's beat

But it's a beautiful life
I try and keep my arms wide open
For your love my friend
On you I do depend
And my hands keep reaching forward
Until I die

Texting away the moments that make up a dull day
To hide from the mind that we don't want to face
We're hodge-podge products
Stitched pieces of our favorite characters
So lets pretend no one ever tried to point out the way
Let's just lie here in the sunshine
Run round laughing in the rain
Life is short, but we've got time
And good brain cells to kill today
Then one day you will find
Ten years have got behind you
No one told us when to run
They've outlawed the starting gun
Cuz the referee went on an afternoon shooting spree
And ended it death by suicide
Saying it was regulated
Government issued
And subsidized
And well planned
Well what do you know

Out of focus and never honed
The lights are on so we all think
That there's someone home
If all this is meaningless
What are the patterns that I see?
And why oh why does everything mean so much to me?
You say it's all just what I want
So tell me, what do I need?
And why does this faith in my fellow man feel so naive?
Don't ask me if what's in my glass provides me an escape
Cuz the devils in the details, but it's not an airplane

It's a beautiful life
So try and keep yer arm wide open
For the love I send
Till I die my friend
Don't let time harden your heart
It's a lovely life



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